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WhatsApp has almost everything a user could want in a chat application – except the option to video chat.  Social communication platform Rounds has changed all of that with the release of Booyah, a one-tap free group video chat application designed as a seamless companion to WhatsApp. Booyah users simply download the app on their devices and can then send a video chat invite through WhatsApp to their friends and groups for a simple, quick, and casual way to video chat – with the tap of a button.

What’s particularly satisfying about Booyah is that there are no barriers to using the app immediately after it is downloaded. There is no prompt to create a username and password or to confirm your existence through other social media sites. It is clear that the creators of Booyah were determined to strip away all the registration clutter we’ve become begrudgingly accustomed to, and put the user’s convenience first by making the process quick and painless.

Ilan Leibovich, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Rounds and Booyah said, “In contrast to currently available chat applications, we remove every point of friction for our users, including logins, account creation and verification, even group admins. We put the power back in the hands of the users, show them we respect their time, and give them the opportunity to expand their social network.”

Booyah gives users the luxury of joining a group video chat with up to 12 people. It’s not only great for family and friends, but business professionals can also benefit from this app. Once in the chat, the user can then invite friends to join as well. Like Snapchat, Booyah chats are ephemeral and are never recorded or saved in your chat history.

Booyah eliminates the need for the old fashioned calling mechanism of synchronized invitation and allows for asynchronized communication where users can join the chat at their convenience. There’s no more waiting while the phone rings – users can send out an invitation and carry on doing other things until their friends are able to click the invitation link and join the video chat. This is a nice change from apps like Skype, where the connection is dependent on the immediate availability of all parties. Booyah enables users to join the video chat at any time.

Another example of how this app was designed with the user in mind, users aren’t limited to reaching friends only through the messaging app. If Booyah doesn’t identify WhatsApp on an intended contact’s device, the app offers the option to connect through other social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Instagram and others. CEO of Booyah Dany Fishel says, “WhatsApp is the pioneer in group messaging, and therefore was the natural choice as the primary companion to Booyah. We took it one step further, and brought Snapchat’s ephemerality to group video chat, making these live conversations easy and casual. Ultimately, it’s our job to do all the labor intensive steps, and all you need to do to join a group chat is show up – and Booyah!