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Skype offers an avenue of connecting with friends, family and even colleagues over the internet via video calling, voice calling and messaging.

The modern verb “skype” emanated from Skype implying to engage in an internet phone call (both video and voice) and video conferencing.

Through the exemplary services offered on the app, Skype has turned out to be a household name and proved to be a reckoning force in the communication sector. Stats indicate that Skype accounts for an average of 40 % of the general telecommunications traffic worldwide. From being owned by eBay to Silver Lake and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Skype is now fully under the ownership and management of Microsoft Corporation. The U.S. tech giant firm acquired Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion.

That said and done, the application is by default available in Windows and also other operating systems that include Android, OS X and iOS. As such Skype is available on the mobile phone and PCs. This year marks the tenth anniversary since the introduction of Skype video calling on mobile phones.

Making calls, sending files and messages might appear simple and basic on the app but still there’s much that you can explore on Skype. Here are the tips that will make you discover an experience that will blow you up to rate Skype to another level.

Turning off the ads on the contact list

Advertisements on apps do annoy some users. There are constant ads that keep appearing at the bottom of the contacts’ list in Skype for Windows version despite clicking on the “X” button on them.  To stop this; while on the app, simply click on “Tools” and then “Options”. Under this, select “Notifications” and then click on “Alerts and Messages” where you will unmark the “Promotions” option to stop viewing these ads.

Recording Skype calls on PCs

Skype gives you an ideal way of capturing audio as well as visuals accompanied by audio conversations for future reference. You can record Skype voice and video chats on PCs into MP3 and video formats respectively.

If you are a Windows user, you need to install MP3 Skype Recorder for audio recordings whereas for videos you will be required to part with $21 to get Pamela. Mac users can use the Call Recorder for Skype that is available for $ 29.95, to record their voice and video calls in Skype.

Sharing unlimited number of files

Most apps, for instance, WhatsApp, often limit the size of files to be shared to a given capacity. Just in case you did not know, Skype has no limit on this. Moreover, when the internet connection is interrupted or gets lost during the file transfer process, the sharing will be completed as scheduled when the connection returns to normal.

Editing sent text messages

In Skype, there is a weird feature that allows one to edit an already sent message, even after it has been delivered and read. The text can also be deleted from both ends. Seems creepy but salvages in situations where a message is sent to an unintended recipient or vice versa.

Chatting on Skype via SmartGlass with Xbox One

The app gets more expansive and interesting as you can chat on Skype via the SmartGlass with Xbox One. You can as well chat without a keyboard; download the Xbox One SmartGlass application appropriate with your smartphone or tablet. Ensure not to download the Xbox 360 version. Link the downloaded app to your Xbox account and here it can be used as a remote control for the console. The on-screen keyboard will be used for Skype chats.

Using Skype as a CCTV surveillance kit

You can use Skype to monitor your house, kids, office or employees while you are away. Setup, a Skype account for the webcam, enabled a device that you desire to use as a CCTV kit and switch it on. Activate “Answer incoming calls automatically” and “Start my video automatically when I am in a call” by going to Tools > Options > Calls. On the second device that you intend to capture the desired activities, initiate a Skype call to the first device.

Just some security iceberg tip: ensure that the ‘CCTV’ account is set to answer strictly calls from your account only. Also, ensure that sounds and the “hang-up” option are disabled.

As aforementioned, these tips will open up your mind and carry Skype to another level.