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Skype’s group calling feature is set to arrive on Android; iOS and Windows supported mobile devices.

This move will enable mobile phone users having Skype installed on their devices engage in group conversations via video calls.

This announcement was made by Microsoft Corporate Vice President Gurdeep Pall. The launch of group video calling on mobile devices marks part of the 10th-anniversary celebration since the inception of Skype video calling. In a blog post, Pall describes Skype’s video calling journey while linking its launch period to the famous 2006 NASA’s Stardust successful mission.

Skype Video calling 

Launched ten years ago on Skype, video calling is a feature that allows users to engage in live video chats. In essence, Skype has transformed the way people communicate from the traditional voice calls to engage in a one-to-to video-enhanced chat. Initially, video calling was only supported on PCs but six years later after its inauguration, one-to-one mobile phone enhanced video calls were introduced to mobile phones.

According to Microsoft, Skype has recorded free video call communications between friends, family and colleagues totaling to about 2 trillion minutes. The Corporate VP argues that given this amount of time, one can read to every child in the world for 10 hours and families worldwide can stay connected for 7 hours or more on Skype. In support of Skype’s significance and long-term service, Pall further claims that some of the time used by the above would be left remaining for the world’s all-inclusive workforce to engage in a 60-minute interview through Skype.

Group video calling has been available for desktops. This feature has been mostly appreciated by some organizations that carry out their virtual conferences in different regions of the world. The rapid growth of mobile phone usage opened up a group communication vacuum via video calling amongst individuals. The feature will be appreciated just as the common group chat messaging feature witnessed across the various available IMs.

Reaching the market in full force

Despite marking the 10th celebration of a service, Microsoft is playing “invention” to attract more users to its application. Despite Google Hangouts having video calling feature, there is still some group video calling space that is available in the market, and the tech giant is not giving a chance to other firms to fill it. The competition is stiff, and there are very many players armed with capital, expertise, and masses that can fill market available space.

Concerning Gurdeep Pall’s blog post, more than 750 million people have so far downloaded Skype on iOS, Windows, and Android-supported mobile devices. Statistics from the Google Play Store indicate that Skype app installs range between 500 million to 1 billion. This clearly shows how popular the app is. In other available data, Skype is partly suggested to be accountable for the reduced number of carrier-based international calls owing to the calling services offered on the platform.

Apart from being accessed from the web, Skype can also be accessed on Xbox, and also on Office Web Apps. In the recent months, Skype received some improvements on the app that include the ability to save video messages on Android, new mobile filters, the inclusion of speech and message translation as well as enhancement of multitasking in iOS while using the app.

With a “coming in weeks” promise, Microsoft has not given the details of the actual release of the services, but interested users can register to get the preview before other users can access the service. With group video calling available on Skype mobile, there is expected change in some user bases amongst the various apps not unless inventions come up.