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Microsoft this week announced that Skype mobile app will be receiving the ability to make group video calls for free.

In addition to this, the company will also be launching an integration of this free voice and video calling app for its Outlook application that aids in email and calendar services. In the latest version for iOS users, the company has added a new setting that lets users enable Skype Meeting option when creating or editing events within the Outlook mobile app.

When this is enabled, Outlook will automatically generate a Skype call link that is then shared with other participants of the meeting in addition to other information regarding the event, for instance, dates, time as well as a list of persons attending. This feature is available on the event detail page. To access it, just toggle the switch on or off.

Outlook mobile app is one of the most used apps on smartphones and with these efforts; Microsoft will only get more and more traction to the app as it works its way up the smartphone industry.

At the moment, users of mobile devices can access MS Office-based documents via this Outlook app; allowing them to edit them through their respective apps. Also, users can access a list of files saved on OneDrive via this app. With the addition of Skype, it only makes things sweeter and better.

When you are presented with a Skype call link, click on “Join”, and you will be redirected to the site “” where the first prompt is for you to download the Skype app, that is, if you haven’t yet installed it on your device. If the app is already installed, just tap on the “Join conversation” option and agree to launch the app. This button has made it a lot easier for users to move from their emails to a Skype call without the need of leaving the Outlook app.

Skype’s deeper integration into Outlook mobile app is just among the many recent updates that Microsoft has been pushing to mobile users of this world-popular chat app. Others include the addition of free group video calling, the addition of a Skype Translator, new calendar features as well as enhanced navigation in the Android app.

At the moment, the Skype-Outlook update is only available to users of Android and iOS users; however, the Redmond Company says that Outlook Mail for Windows 10 Mobile will soon be receiving the update.