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Apple has released the second beta for the iOS 9.3 and you can now install it on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone devices. However, in order to install the iOS 9.3 BETA 2 on your iDevice, you will need to be registered to Apple’s Developer program.

The iOS 9.3 BETA 2 comes two weeks later after the first beta was sent to both public developers and public beta testers.

Unlike others BETA releases, the iOS 9.3 is actually a major update for iOS and it comes with many new features for the iPads and iPhones. First of all, you will notice that there is a feature called “Night Shift Mode”, which will reduce the blue light automatically in the evenings, in order to provide warmer colors that will not stress your eyes while watching at your iDevice’s display.

In addition, you will notice that the new iOS comes with the ability to connect multiple Apple Watch devices (that run on watchOS 2.2 and above) to your iPhone. At the same time, multi-user support for iPad has been added, which was designed especially for the iPads that are used in the educational sector.

You will notice that there is also a revamped “Control Center” with the toggle for the Night Shift Mode that we’ve told you above.

How To Install iOS 9.3 BETA 2 On Your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

As we’ve told you above, you will need to be registered to Apple’s Developer Program. Once you are part of this program, head to the Apple Developer website, log into your account, download the iOS 9.3 BETA 2 for your iDevice and use iTunes to install it the new iOS version on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

Keep in mind that the iOS 9.3 BETA 2 will be available soon in the public beta program, so if you’re not a member of Apple’s Developer Program, you will still be able to test this new iOS version soon.

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