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Facebook has unveiled a new app targeting celebrities. The app, known as Facebook Mentions, is available for download via the Google Play Store.

While you may seem very satisfied and happy to use the Facebook app on your Android smartphone, some users might find it quite problematic. Those who own a verified account, for instance, actors, sports stars, musicians or any other celebrity find it hard to connect with their fans through the standard app.

This is the group the social networking giant is targeting with this new Facebook Mentions app – an app that is designed to help celebrities keep tabs on their fans with ease.

Facebook Mentions has a limited reach

Facebook Mentions has just made its way to the Play Store, but don’t be mistaken to think that every Android user can now download and install this app on their devices. According to the company, the app is only available to those with a verified account. As a result, the app is currently still limited.

For those who have verified accounts, downloading the Mentions app will help you capture and post live videos right from within the app, chat with your followers on different topics of interest, and receive posts from everyone that you follow as well as share photos, videos and many other updates with your fans directly from your Android smartphone.

The new application will also let users share their Facebook posts to other social networking platforms such as Facebook’s Instagram and competitor’s Twitter. Cool, huh?

So, if you already own a verified public page and you would relish gaining access to this new Facebook Mentions app, follow this link. Don’t bother downloading the app to your phone if you don’t have a verified public page for it will do nothing more than take up a sizeable amount of your storage.