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Some of you may have already bought Google’s Chromecast 1 to upgrade your home TV into a Smart TV. But, Google decided to launch a new and improved media-player, the Chromecast 2. So, if you already have one, should you upgrade and invest in the Chromecast 2? Let’s shed some light on this matter and figure out if the new model is worth the £30 investment.


Chromecast 1 vs. Chromecast 2: Design, RAM, connectivity & apps

The original Chromecast dongle was available in black, now the new model is a lot slimmer and it cam be yours in a coral, lemonade or black hue. The new Chromecast also has a HDMI cord that is pretty flexible. The new and improved design of the Chromecast 2 is a big step-up.

In terms of storage, both of these media-players have 512 MB of RAM, however the original Chromcast offers 2 GB of storage while Chromecast 2 offers 256MB.

As for the connectivity factor, with the Chromecast 2 you have antennas (inside the device) that support Wi-Fi streaming of 802.11ac which works on 2.4Ghz/5Ghz frequencies. The original Chromecast works just on 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n.

The major distinction between these two Chromecast gizmos is the apps. Chromecast 1 served to scout out the compatible apps and stream the content using the knob found in the 3rd party applications. However with the Chromecast 2, you have the Fast Play feature that shows you your current content as well as content that might interest you.

You can also use the Chromecast 2 to leaf through and sort the channels. You can look for content that might interests you on apps that are compatible with Chromecast.

Final thoughts

The Chromecast 2 costs just £30 and because it comes with several improvements regarding the connectivity as well as the apps, the £30 sum will definitely be money well-spent.