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WhatsApp is, indeed, the most popular messaging application with the largest number of active users, but it’s not a perfect service, and today, January 26, at around 2:15 AM UK time, the application went down, infuriating many people who were chatting with their friends. WhatsApp was criticized on Twitter, where a user named Alisa wrote: “What the f*** WhatsApp? Why you gotta be down right now?”

Alisa wasn’t the only irritated user who yelled on Twitter. Another person said that she deleted WhatsApp “because I thought it was broken and lost all my chat history.” We can only imagine the panic created by WhatsApp’s technical problems. Currently, there are almost 1 billion users who are accessing their accounts on a daily basis and they’re sending messages to their friends and families, no matter if they’re simple texts, or containing images, videos or audio files. Others are making free voice calls to other WhatsApp users who have a smartphone running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry 10 and those who have a computer at home can log into their accounts using the web client.

WhatsApp has gone through drastic changes after it was purchased by Facebook in Feberuary 2014, for the sum of $19billion. A year later, the developers kept their word and brought the voice calling feature for Android, then they released it for the other major platforms. At first, there were serious problems with the voice calling service, as the calls were randomly ending, they had echoes and lags and were consuming a lot of mobile data.

Until now, WhatsApp had many outages and the last one occurred on New Year’s Eve, when users from all over the world complained that the application stopped working for a short period. Today, there was another technical problem and a spokesman tried to calm down the angry users by promising them that the company is “working to restore service back to 100 per cent for everyone and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is not the best application when it comes to protecting users’ data, as last year, in June, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has released a report entitles “Who Has Your Back?”, where WhatsApp was chosen the worst application.