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People’s communications habits have seen them move to the mobile environment as well as adopt new ways of chatting, ways that include using images and videos.

One application that has come out of the love people have developed for image-based communication is Instagram. This app, which is currently owned by Facebook, has a user base of more than 400 million users. Whether you want to share a high quality still image from your Samsung Galaxy S6 or a live photo from your iPhone 6S Plus, Instagram has the best offerings that will ensure your best photo moments are shared with your friends and family.

The millions who use this app do so without paying a coin. However, for the app to stay in business, it offers business brands a way of utilizing its powerful tools in reaching the massive audience that it commands.

Focusing on ad relevance

One thing that has led to the emergence of ad blockers is the fact that the users receive ads that are sometimes irrelevant to the current feed, prompting the user to get rid of them. However, developers of this app believe that their success lies in the fact that they provide ad placement services that appear native and stay visually relevant to feed.

Ad formats

Another important aspect that brands on Instagram should be looking to work on is the formats of ads. It should now be obvious that the same ad formats used on Facebook and Twitter will not work or produce the same results as they do on Instagram. Vice versa is also true. With this in mind, brands should be working on ways to take advantage of the 30-second videos in telling their stories to the public. This should also take into account a creative dimension with respect to music, sight as well as motion.

Tips for getting ahead of your competitor in 2016

With the ad business getting tougher as users’ tastes keep changing, there is a need to stay on top of your game in order to get the most out of this Instagram app.

First you’ll have to understand that Instagram and Facebook are two different entities that command a different audience. Make sure your content is differentiated to suit the specific needs of each audience. In addition, keep to inspiring, beautiful, creative and rather amusing content if you want to stay on top of the charts. These are the things millennials enjoy most and they are the generation that uses this app most.

Last but not the least, go with ad formats that suit your business objective while at the same time maintaining visual relevance.

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