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WeChat is a less popular app in most parts of the world, but it is very popular in China and its neighboring countries.

The app has more than 650 million monthly active users, but at least three quarters of them are based in China, the app’s home country. Using WeChat, it is possible to send and receive free messages that include text, photos, audio and video recordings. The app also allows the users to share location, stickers as well as do lots of other things such as hail taxis, book hotel reservations and more.

It is also possible to make free voice and video calls using this app. Just recently, the Tencent-owned app added WeChat Out services that allow the users to keep in touch with the non-users of the app, but at a small cost.

Having said that and done, the main question here is how does one transfer WeChat messages from an iPhone 6 to a desktop?

Transferring your WeChat data from phone to PC can at times be a convenient way of reading or viewing the content in a much better way. While this might seem so easy on paper, some people have difficulties doing it. It is why we have come up with this article to help you export all of your WeChat messages from your iPhone 6 running on iOS 9 and above to a PC.


Before going ahead with transferring data from your iPhone 6 to a PC, you first of all need a tool that is suitable for recovering WeChat data. In our case, we went for iFonebox. This software application will help you export all of your data, among them WeChat messages, from your iPhone to your PC. This app also helps recover data stored on iCloud or iTunes without erasing any data stored on the iOS device.

So, if you don’t have this iPhone recovery tool installed on your PC just yet, get the right version depending on your OS, be it Windows or Mac.

How to export WeChat messages from an iPhone 6 to a PC

It’s quite easy to export WeChat data from an iPhone 6 to a PC. First launch the installed iFonebox and choose the option to “Recover from iOS device”. Remember your iPhone 6 must be connected to your PC using a USB cable. Click on “Start” button to kick off the process.

You need to proceed with scanning of WeChat messages stored on your iPhone. Just hit the “WeChat messages” button to start the scanning process. Go ahead and preview the messages and choose the ones you wish to transfer to your PC. You have the option to select all messages.

Once you have chosen the messages you want to export, click the “Recover to PC” button and all iPhone messages will be synced to your PC.