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Instant messaging and calling app, Skype, has launched two brand new features on its Android client.

This is part of Microsoft’s efforts to make its apps more useful and productive.

Mobile instant messaging space currently led by Facebook’s WhatsApp is one of the most competitive fields in technology. Skype has an edge over other players with its dominant video calling feature, but that may change soon with WhatsApp already putting a bet on the same. With no more advantage Microsoft is trying to keep up with other competitors by expanding its services to other platforms like Android. Skype is now available in web browsers, PCs and mobile platforms. The app offers a range of services, including text messaging, voice and video calling, file and video sharing and ability to leave video and voice memos.

On the part to promote productivity, the app enables users collaborate effortlessly through its group messaging, voice and video calling and file/image sharing services. Besides, Microsoft has a standalone app for business purposes, Skype for Business. The dedicated application is more secure, has an improved Outlook integration and allows larger group sharing. The company gives much attention to its most used communication Skype app. Microsoft’s engineering team has been busy adding new features, improving functionality and fixing bugs in Skype over the recent past. The app will now integrate more with Office and make you more productive with these features.

Schedule a call easily in Skype

Arranging Skype calls is already available using Outlook, but Skype wants to make it even easier by enabling you to plan calls on Outlook directly from Skype and add the scheduled calls to your calendar so you can easily recall them. Instead of the tedious process of arranging calls in Outlook outside Skype, the updated app enables you schedule calls with friends and family in Outlook from Skype. Go to your contacts list and tap on the contact name you want to set a call with, click on the menu appearing; then choose ‘Schedule a Call’ option. It is also possible to create an event using Outlook or any other calendar app then send invitation to involved persons.

Open Microsoft Office documents effortlessly

The update also brings a built-in feature to allow you open Microsoft Office Documents more easily. You can now open Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations less strenuously in both one-on-one and group chats.

When you receive a file created with any of the above applications, do not worry yourself trying to configure how to open the file, simply click on its icon in Skype and it will open in the appropriate Microsoft Office application. However, this will only happen if you have Office Suite or the required Office app installed in your device; otherwise, you will be directed on how to download and install the applications.

You have two ways to access the updated Skype. First, if you are patient enough, wait for the update to install automatically on your device or you can download the updated app from Play Store.