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The iPhone 5S was Apple’s last 4-inch smartphone and it had a 5C version with a plastic body and a weaker processor, among other inferior specs. In 2016, Apple might release a new iPhone with the same screen size, but with an aluminum design and extra features. The phone might be called iPhone 6c or iPhone 5se (“se” standing for special edition). Reports say that Apple will release it soon and the list of expected features will make happy many nostalgic users who will have a smaller iPhone with powerful specs.

A Budget iPhone With An Aluminum Body

The iPhone 5C cost $100 less because Apple used plastic to make its body. But it was available in multiple variants of colors such as Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and White, being loved by teenagers who couldn’t convince their parents to give them money to buy the premium model with an aluminum body. Fortunately, Apple could release another sleek 4-inch iPhone, but this time, it will look more like the iPhone 5S and will benefit from a newer hardware technology. Also, the aluminum body of the iPhone 6c could come with new variants of colors, such as purple or red.

An Internal Memory Of 32GB

The fans have complained that 16GB is insufficient for storing data and they don’t want to backup their photos and personal information to iCloud because of personal reasons. The good news is that Apple has managed to decrease the file size of the iOS 9 to 1.3GB, being reduced from 4.58GB and this achievement was applauded by the iPhone owners with 16GB of storage. Hopefully, Apple will release the iPhone 6C with at least 32GB of storage.

A8 or A9 Processor

The iPhone 5C was powered by an A6 chipset which was introduced on the iPhone 5. The iPhone 6s comes with an A9 chipset, which, most probably, will be received by the iPhone 6C, because if Apple will opt for the A8 chipset, the phone will be considered obsolete and too weak for what the users need.

Touch ID

The iPhone 5C didn’t have a fingerprint scanner supporting the Touch ID advanced technology which recognizes fingerprints and replaces the old method of unlocking the device using a passcode.

NFC and Apple Pay

It would be great if the upcoming iPhone 6C will allow its users to make mobile payments by approving transactions with their fingerprints on the Touch ID. The Apple Pay service is like a digital wallet and it allows the users to make purchases from the Apple store (applications, games) after adding a credit or debit card. In addition, the NFC chip is another way to make payments without using real cash. This technology facilitates wireless payments for goods and services, without many efforts.

Other specs:

An 8MP primary camera and a 1.2MP front camera, Barometer sensor, Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE and 802.11ac WiFi chips.