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It is not about the iOS for iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, the Apple has fair attitude with the Apple Watch too. The performance and control of the watchOS gets better with the regular updates from Apple for the watchOS. With all the other features, the Cupertino centered team is working to bring in more betterment in the watchOS as well. The very new feature that you would like to have in your Apple Watch is this feature of Nearby in the search option.

As this new watchOS 2.2 will be added in your Apple Watch, you will get all new stuff in within the Maps application. If we look at the watchOS 2.1, it has limited features or performance with in the Maps app. Not only that, the Google Maps has even worked in a better way with the watchOS 2.2.

To enhance the working capability of watchOS, the Apple has made it working better by adding the navigating buttons that will make the navigation quicker and you will get the travel directions in the better way. In the recent watchOS of Apple, you get the current location of the Watch. When click firmly on the display, you get the addresses and location of the contacts easily. You can search for the directions and look for the transit directions as well.

In the watchOS 2.2, you will get the quick access to the work addresses or to the home addresses too, which will be based on the existing location of your Apple watch. The Search option will be more visible in the watch and you don’t need any Force Touch to make it work.

With the improvement within Maps, you will see a great change in the performance of Apple Watch. Additionally, you can add more devices with one iPhone and also, you will get to see more features in it too.