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The introduction of the iPhone 5C back in 2013 was appreciated by the teens who couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money on the iPhone 5S. This version came with a plastic body available in bright colors, a weaker processor and camera and a slightly smaller battery. The fans thought that every year, Apple will release a plastic variant of the latest generation flagship, but that didn’t happen. According to rumors, Apple might release an iPhone 6c variant with a 4-inch screen for the nostalgic users. The phone is codenamed N69 and it might be release under the name of iPhone 5se.

According to 9to5Mac, the “se” suffix comes from “special edition”, which means that it will be an enhanced variant of the iPhone 5s, with a metal design and newer internal components. Sources said that the specs of the iPhone 5se will include: an 8MP rear camera with autofocus for video recording and larger panoramas, which supports also Live Photos, a 2MP front camera, an A8 processor with a M8 co-processor, an An NFC chip to make payments with Apple Pay, a barometer sensor for the Health app, VoLTE, Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac WiFi chips.

What Features Would Make The iPhone 6c A Must Have

Touch ID

The fingerprint sensor allows the users to unlock their devices without entering a passcode. By placing their fingers above the scanner, the biometric fingerprint authentication technology will recognize the owner’s tip of the finger and the device will be automatically unlocked.

Aluminum body

The iPhone 5C didn’t look like a premium smartphone, because of its polycarbonate body, which was also relatively thick. Apple should use aluminum, as this material will give the iPhone 6c a sleek look. If the iPhone 6c will have a plastic design, then it will be much cheaper than the iPhone 6.


The iPhone 5c was available in five variants of colors: white, blue, green, yellow and pink. If the upcoming device will be made of aluminum and Apple will add more options of colors such as purple, silver or red, then there will be many people who will thank Apple for thinking of their preferences.

Internal Memory of 32GB

Apple has reduced the file size of iOS 9 to a maximum of 1.3GB, from 4.58GB, as the iOS 8 had. This news has pleased many users who have iPhones or iPads with an internal memory of 16GB. But, if Apple will drop this option and the minimum capacity will start from 32GB, then the users will have more space to save photos, videos and to install more applications.

A9 Processor

The A7 processor is obsolete and weak, the A8 did a good job on the iPhone 6, while the upcoming A10 processor will make its debut on the iPhone 7, so the only convenient option is the A9 processor, which is powering the current iPhone 6S.

Larger Battery

The iPhone 5C came with a non-removable 1510 mAh battery which lasted only ten hours when making phone calls. Apple should consider increasing the capacity of the iPhone 6c, in order to last longer.