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Apple is doing something big very secretly that you would be surprise to know. The Cupertino present corporation is doing some experiments with the wireless, high speed network for the upcoming models of Apple. The news has been projected out through Chase Fromm on Twitter along with the image, which has showed the LifiCapability in the Apple’s 9.1 iOS. It seems like the upcoming Apple’s iPhone or the Next-Gen iPhone 7 will have the Li-Fi features in it.

The functioning of LiFi will revolve around that how infrared works as a remote control does. The transmission of data is driven by the light source and the other device received it through the purpose- built light sensor technology. The arrangement of these modules makes sure that the data has been transferred correctly from one device to the other through the electronic signals that we will use in every way. The entire function will be performed with the evident light that is unseen to the eyes of the human. Right now, the researchers are working hard to make this experiment turn into reality so that smartphones could have this technology in it now.

The optical modulation performs with the image sensor has been patented by Apple in 2013, already. With that patent, it is visible that Apple was working closely to enable the transferring via using the light wirelessly. Of course, not many usual users knows that Li-Fi is something that they can use, but with the registration of patent, it became cleared that Apple is seriously working on bringing the technology. It is still something to be optimistic about that iPhone 7 will be carrying this technology, but we have a lot of time to wait about it.

Apple itself is looking forward to this technology as it will be a game changing mode within the market and will put Li-Fi on the front.