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Everyone is looking forward to Apple’s upcoming device launch, the iPhone 7. But that’s not the only thing that is brewing. Apple might disclose the iOS 10 during the big WWDC event planned this summer. Apple buffs are already imagining what the new iOS 10 will feature and even if it’s too soon to make any predictions, we’re putting out there either way. In the end, it’s Apple’s call.

  • Conceal nested folders in Mail app

iOS’s Mail app has a tendency of getting better and better with the passing of time. However, the thing that annoys a lot of users, is the fact that the app shows the nested folders in your account. Basically, this means a lot of swiping gestures to get to the desired folder. A good enough reason for Apple to enable Mail to conceal those nested folders.

  • 3rd party apps set as default

Let’s hope Apple really considers adding 3rd  party applications as default. It would be amazing to see iOS 10 choose a default 3rd party app that would replace the commonplace iOS ones( Calendar, Mail etc). It may seem impossible, but let’s recall the fact that Apple did include support for 3rd party keyboards, so anything is possible right?

  • Dark Mode On

Dark Mode was implemented with OS X Yosemite. This means you can say goodbye to the white menu and go with the cooler darker version instead. This is great for those who love to edit videos, because the darker hues allow you to visualize your work better. However, it would be great to see such a dark mode on iOS 10.

  • Weather app suitable for iPads

The Weather app that was implemented in iOS 7 was definitely praiseworthy. The sad part is that it is not accessible on iPad devices. Imagine how those nifty animations would look on the behemoth screen of your iPad. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Apple will make it happen with iOS 10. What other features would you include? Don’t hesitate to share your preferences.