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If you are a game developer for Android and publish your creations on the Google Play Store, there are chances that you will be happy with anything that will help you engage with the player base.

First of all, you will need to balance the ads in a way to not be too obtrusive, but at the same time to still provide income. At the same time, you will need to make a good game with a decent in-app purchase that will not unbalance it. This is quite difficult, as most of the games that come with in-app purchases are pay to win. This is the reason why you will need to not make it pay to win, because otherwise you’ll risk losing a big amount of players.

Google has announced that they will release a tool that will help the developers to build their games. The new tool is called Player Analytics and it will be a multi-faceted reporting tool. This tool will help the developers to understand how the players interact with their games.

This way, if you’re a game developer, you will be able to see where the players are “wasting” most of their time in the game and you’ll bring updates for that specific content. At the same time, this tool will show engagement predictions for spending, which will allow the developers to tweak their monetization methods.

Another awesome feature that this tool will come with is called “funnels report” and it gives the developers the possibility to track almost related to user interaction, such as achievements, time played, spending etc. This feature will actually allow the developers to see what parts of the game are more accessed by the players and what parts are not, and respond accordingly.

“Cohorts Reports” is also a feature that comes with the “Player Analytics” tool that allows you to juxtapose reports from different time periods. With other words, if you see that an application costs 3.99 dollars and it’s not selling well, you might lower its price to 1.99 dollars. If this application is still not selling too well, you might consider making it even cheaper.

The “Player Analytics” tool is already available on the Google Play Developer console. The developers can use a sample game developed by Google and Auxbrain to check out the new features.