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When you like to keep track of your stuff, you know that Calendar is the app that you want to have and look upon into your iPhone. The usual Calendar app in your iPhone is really nice, but does not offer you much customization options. Whenever you start a new day, it is good to start it off by looking into the fresh calendar face, so why don’t you do that?

You can get the new DailyIcons with the Cydia application and new icon will be present on your Calendar every week. On your jailbroken device go to Cydia, you can get the free icons by writing DailyIcons as it is.

After installing and restarting the device, you can go to the Settings and check out the list of DailyIcons there. After getting there, you can check or uncheck plus select the themes as well. You have to restart your device whenever you will make any customization.

In Cydia, you can also create your sort of themes by going through the directions that you like for your Calendar application. This seems like a good idea to start your day by seeing something good on your Calendar app.