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As you already know, WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook and since it was bought by the popular social network, we’ve seen many changes to this application. Today we’re going to talk about some new features that will be added to the WhatsApp application soon enough.

The cross-platform messenger service, which has almost one billion active users, seems ready to share your data with Facebook. A developer that goes by the name of Javier Santos has posted some screenshots showing that the new WhatsApp BETA version comes with a new option.

It seems that the new option is called “Share my account info”, which allows you to share your WhatsApp account information with your Facebook account, but it’s unclear for now what information you will actually share between the two services. However, after sharing information between your WhatsApp and Facebook accounts, you will most likely see some suggested friends on Facebook. The Facebook Messenger application will also suggest you some new friends, as it will probably look at your WhatsApp contact list and search for users who’ve saved their mobile phone number on their Facebook.

The new WhatsApp BETA also comes with a new end-to-end encryption option, which will make your messages and media more secure than before. There is also a new Documents sections to the new WhatsApp application which is gathering all the files you’ve received from your WhatsApp contacts.

Keep in mind that all these features are currently in testing and might not be added yet to the final WhatsApp update. We also remind you that the WhatsApp owners have removed the 0.99 dollars annual fee and, from now on, this application will be completely free.

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