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The world of technology is changing everything around us, not just in our personal lives and homes, but also in the workplaces and how tasks are conducted.

In recent times, business persons have shifted their minds from having physical meetings in offices to enjoying free internet-based meetings through platforms such as Skype, Viber and Google Hangouts. Even though this area is constantly getting more and more competitive, Skype has remained to be a standout among the many apps that offer the same conferencing services.

In fact, most young employers have turned to Skype and similar apps when it comes to holding interviews, especially now that many across the globe are looking towards diversity in employment as a way of reaching out to different markets across the globe. The question is how do you get ready for a Skype interview?

As a way of saving time and speeding up the process of interviewing , people prefer going with Skype video interviews; something that seems to be here to stay. In the wake of this change, we have come up with some of the best tips you can consider when preparing for a Skype interview.

Make sure your Skype profile is up to date

The first thing you ought to do is check your profile. Ensure your Skype ID is professional and use a decent profile photo. You can choose the same photo you use in LinkedIn, but make sure it’s the best.

Research and prepare adequately

Before you go any interview, you need to carry out a small research about what you are probably going to encounter. Do the same with a Skype interview by getting your resume ready in time for the meeting.

Dress for the occasion

Make sure the dress code you put behind that camera is meant for the occasion. What it means is that don’t go live when still in pajamas and a suit jacket on top of it. Who knows, your camera may need some adjustments that call for standing up!

In the same line of dressing, make sure the color you don is favorable to the snapper. Keep off too bright or dark colors. Dressing in patterned dresses will only make matters worse for you.

Make sure your studio is well setup

It is essential that you create a special space for carrying out Skype interviews. However, if this is your one and only online interview, make sure the room you pick gives the best. Having a dedicated room, however, will reduce the time needed to get ready for a Skype interview.

In setting up the studio, make sure the room’s lighting is adequate. You can move one or two lamps just behind the monitor, but this will heavily rely on the amount of natural light entering the studio. You also need to elevate your PC so as to get a better camera angle.

Maintain the room’s background as simple as possible, while at the same time framing yourself such that the face and upper shoulders are clearly visible. There is no need of having many colors; instead, a blank and contrasting color to what you are wearing will do for the background.

Your interviewer will also want to hear everything you say clearly, and so will you. As a result, make sure all distractions are minimized. Clarity of words will also mean that you upgrade your video and audio devices, among them microphone, video camera as well as speakers. You also need a suitable internet connection to ensure high quality HD videos and sound.

Test the setup with a friend

Before using your setup studio for a Skype interview, it is recommended that you test it with a friend first. Call your friend and let him or her tell you how the sound and video quality is as well as the appearance at the back, among other things.

Don’t shout, don’t speak too fast

With Skype calls, you will have to be slow in your speech and only speak when the other person is done speaking. This should be highly considered for persons using slower internet connections.

Take note of your body language

Always sit upright and look confident in a Skype interview. Stare straight at the camera and maintain the needed eye contact. However, don’t keep a stern face, instead, put on a little smile as this will add some enthusiasm to your voice.