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The Samsung S6 Edge is faced with a suitable opponent in this analogy, the next in line being the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, let’s see which one comes out a winner as we lay down the specs for both Samsung devices.

Display, OS, Camera, Battery and Costs

The Galaxy S6 Edge was and still is a praiseworthy Samsung device, it is a dual-sided gizmo and according to the hearsay, the S7 Edge will mirror the latter in terms of looks.

Rumor has that the S7 Edge will sport a 5.5-inch display and it will be 151 mm tall and 73 mm wide whereas the S6 Edge is a 5.1-inch device that is 142 mm tall and just 70 mm wide, the conclusion: the S7 Edge will roll out in a bigger size.

The Galaxy S6 Edge rolled out with a bunch of software features, so we can only hope the Samsung is planning to revamp some of these feature for the S7 Edge device. There might be something new add-ons while older ones might be simply revamped. The gizmo might include the 3D Touch feature and there is talk about a “moving-photos” type of option that can also be found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Samsung is going for the same thing, only it will add an audio twist.

The S6 Edge will get the Android M soon enough, so it’s safe to say that the S7 Edge will have Android M on board right from the very start.

Camera wise, the S6 Edge shooters are same that are included in the Galaxy S6, but for the S7 Edge, Samsung is planning on implementing the same camera technology that Apple used with its line of smartphones.

As for the battery, the S6 Edge did pack a reasonable battery life span, but with the S7 Edge this should be enhanced. Because it will be launched with the Android M on board, users will benefit from the battery boosting options that the mobile OS has.

As for the costs, the upcoming S7 Edge is said to cost 10% cheaper that the previous Galaxy S6 Edge when it will be released. Fans are expecting serious software enhancements from Samsung with the launch of the S7 Edge and if this is the case, the latter tweaks will make it stand out from the Galaxy S6 Edge device.