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Back in past, Samsung was known for using plastic when manufacturing its devices, however now that the competition is breathing down its neck, Samsung has decided to step up its game and make sterling devices. To mention a few, these are the Galaxy A3, the A5 and of course the A7 and A8. But, now the Galaxy A7(the 2016 version) is under the microscope, as we analyze this device from an aesthetic point of view and more.

Samsung Galaxy A7: Looks and style

As soon as you will unwrap your purchase, you will notice the resemblance with the Galax S6 device, expect the A7 has minor dents on the sides. The A7 device feels very nice in one’s hand as it is a bit heavier. As for the screen, it is jaw-dropping as Samsung used the AMOLED display, which means outstanding hues and sharp images all the way.

Samsung Galaxy A7: Performance, battery unit, cameras & more

The Galaxy A7 has 3 GB of RAM and it runs flawlessly, the multitasking experience is great as well as browsing through the settings menu. The device comes with a microSD card slot, so if you owned a S6 device and really wanted the microSD slot, now with the A7 you have all that.

Battery wise, it is a pretty good one. If you use it moderately, it should last you the entire day. The camera on the other hand is the main drawback with the S7. The shooter is pretty weak and this wouldn’t matter as much if this device was considered a mid-range one. But to have it categorized as a sterling device and to add such poor shooters, is plain simple inexcusable. The latter part definitely needs to represent a red light for Samsung. To conclude, the Galaxy A7 is undeniably an impressive phone. The battery life span is pretty amazing, the screen stands out and the overall feel of the device is impressive as well. If you can get passed the “hiccups” of the device, all in all it’s a good purchase.

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