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Apple recently announced the new and updated iOS 9.3, but the current mode is still in beta.

While many OS updates come to iron glitches that come with the previous updates, other updates go to the extent of adding new features and expanding the previously introduced features.

There is no doubt that Apple’s latest iteration brings in quite a number of new features as well as enhancements to others introduced in the previous and original versions. That being said and done, let’s look at what this new iOS 9.3 brings to the fold as far as iPhones and iPad are concerned.

Night Shift mode

Research has it that when your eyes are exposed to the usual iPhone light during the evening, it tends to extend the time it takes for you to fall asleep. In order to deal with this, one requires a shift of these colors such that the tone is warmer during the evenings and night. This is what f.lux software has been offering its users of Mac and Windows desktops, but Apple has now introduced it on iPhones and iPads.

When you update to the latest iOS 9.3, you will come across the Night Shift mode. The feature is accessible via the Display settings and when enabled, it will auto-adjust the screen temperatures based on your current location and time of the day. Users can also adjust how the blue light is filtered and the time Night Shift mode is activated.

New 3D Touch options

When Apple introduced iPhone 6S and the 3D Touch feature, it promised that new options and abilities will be coming to the pressure-sensitive feature as the OS is updated. The company has delivered on its promise by adding new options to the 3D Touch feature with respect to stock apps. Even though the company has not added such a huge list of functions to the feature, the improvements will be a welcome among users of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Secure notes now available for iPhone and iPad users

If you are a fun of the Notes app, you will love this one. The updated iOS 9.3 now lets users protect their notes using a passcode so as to keep them private. This option can be accessed via the Share Sheet. The only problem, which can actually be rectified, is that the passcode-protected notes still leave the first few words visible to prying eyes. Odd isn’t? But who knows, maybe the company wants to ease the process of finding the note we are actually looking for. If you don’t feel like using a passcode, there is room for using the fingerprint.

Improved News app

The News app made its debut with iOS 9 and ever since then, updates have been coming in with each iteration. The latest version 9.3 brings updates that enable quicker loading of stories, videos play right from within the news feed and there is a new landscape mode that allows for comfortable reading on your iPhone.

In addition to the above-mentioned updates, the new version 9.3 of iOS will also bring multi-user support for education iPads, a better Health app, and an integration of iBooks with cloud storage platform iCloud, an enhanced CarPlay experience, more languages for Siri, faster and much better multi-tasking and lots of other improvements.

Release date

Given that there is still a lot more to be added to the latest version of iOS 9.3, it may take Apple some time before the stable version of finally availed to the public. However, given that the iOS 9.3 public beta is currently available, it might take shorter than a month before the full version is availed to the public.