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It’s no secret that the HERE Maps applications were eliminate from the Windows Store a while back. The reason behind this disappearance? It seems that there were some technical glitches and snags, in plain words: the two did not get along too well. Developers could not roll out their apps and of course this situation led to turmoil among users as they were incited to upgrade the apps only to realize they could not.

But, not to worry as the app bundle has reappeared in Windows Store and all is well. Whatever went wrong, they seemed to overcome the difficulties, which is great news for Windows smartphone users.

HERE Maps, Drive Transit and City Lens are back in Windows Store

HERE Maps was first Ovi Maps, which later one was developed under the name of Nokia Maps. You can tell by the title that the app belonged to the Nokia Company, however shortly after, Navteq was purchased in 2008. HERE Maps offered the first immersive maps that could be set-up with ease. This was way before Google Maps made the scene. Now, automobile manufactures all over Europe benefit from Nokia’s mapping technology as it was sold in 2015.

Even if the applications were not longer available on the store, the users could still resort to them, however those who didn’t previously owned the apps, could not tap into the system. They were prompted to go with Windows Maps, one that mirrored the HERE one. But, this is no longer the case as all of your favorite apps are back. So, go ahead and look up HERE Maps, Drive Transit or City Lens and they will all be available to you. Note: The apps will also show up on Lumia 950 devices.

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