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Fenice for Twitter is rapidly rising to become one of the most favorite Twitter apps. The client has some unique features like text face and

The client has some unique features like text face and in-built meme catalog that interests users.

Back in December the micro-blogging social media made its Fenice platform a standard Windows 10 Universal App. Since then the platform has been receiving updates aimed at both adding new features as well as fixing bugs. It’s barely 3 weeks since the popular client received a massive upgrade and now it has another big update again. The latest update released on Sunday comes with several changes for both desktop and mobile versions. Update your app to enjoy the best experience of the latest version 2.8.1 with lots of user interface improvements, improved Continuum support and bug fixes. The update brings the following changes.

Fenice version 2.8.1 for Windows 10 Mobile

With the update you will now enjoy the following new features and improvements on mobile.

Rewritten and improved Mentions and Hashtag recommendation; a much faster way to return back to the top of the timeline; a brand new search page which supports advanced searching; the update allows you disable some in-app notifications (instead of sound your device will vibrate occasionally); List page has a new design with better features; your account is now synced immediately with all your devices;  no more notifications for those notifications you have missed; the update brings back Retweets/Likes indicators; you will see preview of media in the tweet page; You can play YouTube videos within the app; new actions for action button; some background changes, among many others.

The new update also fixes SoundCloud integration under user interface changes.

Fixed bugs

In some circumstances the update fixes app crashes; users are now added to lists appropriately; tweets are now loaded in the correct order as any glitch that could result to that is now fixed immediately; error that bars you from switching from Trial to full app is fixed; a malfunction that resets the number of tweets to load to the default value is fixed. There is also a change in Continuum so that the app automatically adapts to the new screen without necessarily having to restart it.

Fenice version 2.8.1 changes for Windows 10 for desktop

Here are the new features plus modified old ones.

Play YouTube videos in the app; see a preview of attached media in the tweet page; indicators for Retweets/Likes are brought back; rewritten and improved Mentions and Hashtag suggestions; a new search page that supports advance searching; disable in-app notifications; no notifications for missed notifications; brand new Jump List shortcuts; accounts synced immediately with all your devices; enhanced startup speed; a new list design with better features; background changes and others.

The update also fixes SoundCloud integration.

Fixed bugs

The app now adds users to lists appropriately; fixes occasional app crashes; a bug that resets the number of tweets to load to default value fixed; malfunction that could load tweets in the wrong order fixed; switching from Trial to full app is now smooth as the bug that could prevent authentication is fixed.