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While few still believe that Facebook Messenger rose to the occasion only because of the forceful nature the owner introduced the app to the mobile world with, the truth is that this app is destined to be your one-stop shop as far as mobile usage is concerned.

Messenger made it to the Play Store and App Store in 2014 courtesy of Facebook stripping it from the main Facebook app, a move that many protested before finally dawning to the reality. At the time of this writing, Facebook Messenger commands a monthly active user base of more than 800 million people, a figure that is only overtaken by WhatsApp’s 900 million users.


Over the time of its existence, the app has moved from offering simple instant messaging services to offering services ranging from sending GIFs to making payments, however, given that these updates show up almost every time, sometimes keeping track of them can be a huge challenge. On this same note, here is a list of the top 5 hidden tricks you can use to get the best user experience when using Facebook Messenger.

Pin conversations for quicker accessibility

Facebook Messenger allows users to chat privately as well as in groups. If you chat with some groups of people on a much more regular basis, Messenger allows you to pin the conversation such that there is no need for you to go scrolling in the chats in order to get to the conversation.

At the bottom of the app, tap on the “Groups” button to reveal a Pin button. Pick the conversation you want pinned and even give it a favorite name. There is room to add a photo by simply tapping on the camera icon.

Make a payment

Facebook Messenger is targeting to become the WeChat of the West. In case you didn’t know, WeChat is the most popular chat app in China thanks to its e-commerce offerings that add to the instant messaging and calling services it offers.

You don’t need to download and install Venmo on your phone when you have Messenger installed. This is true because the latter now allows the users to make payments from within the app.

Share location

Facebook Messenger, when given access to your phone’s GPS, can be used to share your current location with friends via a message. Just pick the conversation of the person you want to share your location with and tap on the “More” icon. Go ahead and tap on “Location” and then search for your location and share it with your friend.

Custom message threads

Facebook pushed quite a number of updates to Messenger in the just concluded year. Among them is the ability to customize conversations by changing the appearance of threads. It’s quite easy to do this – just tap on the name of your friend from within a conversation and from the options that show up, you can change the color, nicknames as well as emojis in the conversation.

Share GIFs

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Facebook Messenger has grown into something people can’t live without, on their phones. One of the most exciting recent additions to the app is the ability to share GIFs. When inside a conversation, tap on “More” just at the bottom and from there, a list of apps will show up.

Select “GIPHY” and tap on the “Install” button. This selection will lead you to the Google Play Store for Android users and iTunes App Store for iOS users. Proceed and download the app as usual and once the app has been installed, tap on the GIF icon located at the bottom of the conversation and share GIFs right from within the Messenger app.