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In the 21st century that we live in, there is nothing interesting as having a foreign pal with whom you can enjoy chatting without experiencing any issues whatsoever, more so, issues related to thelanguage barrier.

The world has quite somelanguages, something that at times makes it very hard to carry out international relations. However, Skype wants to get rid of this barrier and ensure that everyone can talk to anyone using the language that they understand better.

Using the newly launched Skype Translator, the Microsoft-owned communications app will now be able to offer users a chance to talk to each other over voice and video calls in their native languages and still understand each other perfectly. The tool is currently available to users of Windows desktops, but it is expected to come to the mobile and web platforms very soon. The Skype Translator works in real time.

Skype users now can meet someone from a different country and make friends out them without having to worry about how they will communicate with each other.

Skype working to beat competition from WhatsApp and FaceTime

Skype is the oldest provider of free voice and video calling services in the world; however, it has been overtaken by much younger players such as WhatsApp and FaceTime, with the former posing a larger threat than the latter thanks to its versatile nature.

WhatsApp video calling is rumored to be on its way this first quarter while on the other hand, FaceTime already offers this service but is restricted to Apple devices. With the Facebook-owned chat app offering its services on almost all major mobile platforms including iOS, it remains to be the biggest threat Skype is facing in the communications industry.

The introduction of the Skype Translator feature now makes the Redmond-based app a little bit unique than the rest. You can start a Skype conversation in Italian and talk to someone who is in Portugal, speaking Portuguese. Other supported languages include Mandarin, French, German, Spanish and English of course.

While the current preview version of Skype Translator only supports seven languages as far as voice and video calls are concerned, those using the tool for instant messaging have the support of more than fifty languages. Most translation services offer the French to English combination of languages. However, the farthest Microsoft’s Translator has gone on international borders is German to Ghanaian.

If your language is currently not supported, there is nothing to fret about as the company has promised to bring support for more languages on board as it works to the tool.