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Samsung released Galaxy S6 models with their line of Exynos chipsets, and when this happened, it signaled the end of a partnership that Qualcomm was relishing much more than Samsung.

Well, it turned out that Samsung turning their back on Snapdragon 810 was as a result of the chip’s overheating issues. To some, this was the reason but to others, this was a shallow way of escaping the truth. In essence, Samsung is the leading competitor to Qualcomm’s chipmaking business. With its line of Exynos chips, the South Korean tech giant has no need of installing the Qualcomm-based chipsets on their devices.

In fact, Samsung is known to have better chipset technology such that Apple has been depending on it when it comes to the manufacture of the A9 chipsets used in the latest iPhone 6 and 6S models. However, the latest rumors suggest that Samsung will be releasing the new Galaxy S7 models with some variants carrying the Snapdragon 820 chipset manufactured by Qualcomm.

While one group might be falling for the story where Qualcomm claims to have taken care of the overheating issues that led to the underperforming 810, the truth of the matter is that Samsung has agreed to use the 820 chipsets because it is the one behind the manufacturing process of these chipsets.

Qualcomm outsourcing the 14-nanometer process from Samsung

Word on the street has it that Qualcomm has gone to Samsung in a bid to get the South Korean giant to use its 14-nanometer technology in building powerful Snapdragon 820 chipsets that draw less power and have much better performance, just like the Exynos and A9 line of processors the company already builds. This is seen as the key as to why the giant American chip maker has won the business it had lost last year.

The chip maker revealed this information on Thursday, adding that the low-power plus Snapdragon will be powering devices by the first half of this year.

While Samsung has yet to comment on whether this version of the 820 will be installed in its next series of Galaxy S7 models, latest leaks have been pointing towards this possibility. The company is expected to make the announcement during the MWC 2016 event that will be held in Barcelona, Spain later on next month.

However, fabricating a chip for Qualcomm will not necessarily translate into Samsung using the chipset into their upcoming S7 smartphone, especially given that the latter company’s smartphone and semiconductor entities are very independent.

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