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WhatsApp has been hit with numerous scams and hoaxes, but the latest to appear could be one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous, to novice users.

The scams usually threaten to download viruses to your phone and even steal information as requested by their masters. However, there are ways you can deal with these scams and stay safe while using the most popular messaging and calling app in the world.

How to dodge a WhatsApp virus

The latest threat to WhatsApp users is strange as rather than come through the main app; it takes another direction of coming through your email app. The email serves as an alert to you that you have missed a WhatsApp voice call or even a voice message, prompting you to click on a link in the message to access the said missed message. Instead of receiving a message as the email stipulates, you will download a virus to your phone.

Don’t be fooled with such messages in your email app because WhatsApp never contacts anyone via their emails simply because there is no point where the app asks for your email. So, the question is, where did the sender of the email get your email address in the first place? To stay clear, don’t click on any WhatsApp-associated email message that comes to your email app.

Other popular WhatsApp message hoaxes

Other than, the scam mentioned above, WhatsApp users are also a major target as far as hoaxes are concerned. One most popular one is a message that asks you to forward a given message to 10 or so people failure to which the service will close down on you.

One thing you need to understand is that WhatsApp has close to 1 billion users who exchange billions of messages on a single day and for sure, it won’t notice you are sending ten messages to your contacts. The second thing is that WhatsApp has only just begun, and it is nowhere near closing down.

There are even some who will suggest that since the app has too many users, it will close down your account if you don’t start using it actively. In fact, WhatsApp will do anything to ensure your dormant account becomes active, but closing your account will be the last one. Sometimes these messages include funny names as the CEO of the app. Be warned that the CEO of the app was Jan Koum.

WhatsApp will start charging inactive users

Another very popular hoax is the one that tries to convince users that WhatsApp will start charging them per message if they stay inactive. It then asks them to send a message to 10 people in a bid to prove that they are active and loyal to the platform hence deserving full access to the free service.This is so ‘cheap’ given that you will be sending the ten messages free. There is no truth in this or any similar message.

The hard truth

One thing you need to understand is that while WhatsApp is a free service, it does not remain free forever. After using it for the first one year, it will start charging you a fee of $0.99 per year to keep using it and not per message. The app charges nothing more than this. There is nothing else you need to do to keep using the app once you’ve paid this small fee. Remember that WhatsApp is by no chance short of users, so don’t be lied to that there are too many users on the platform.

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