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Apple has been criticized by the owners of older devices because the latest software doesn’t run well on them. Tired of lawsuits and criticism, Apple has concentrated its forces and fixed many security and bugs in iOS 9.2.1, the new update that has been released on January 19. And, it seems that this update brings speed improvements to older iPhones.

The owners of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 smartphones will notice that iOS 9.2.1 runs smoothly on them, applications open without a problem and much faster. All previous iOS 9 releases have given users a headache and they were waiting since iOS 8 for a performance improvement. Apple was reticent to add this information to the change log for iOS 9.2.1 because of the current lawsuit over iOS 9’s performance, which had a negative impact on older devices and their owners reacted accordingly.

The good news is that finally, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are running almost perfectly on iOS 9.2.1, but the bad news is that the battery bug, which was brought in iOS 9 and freezes the reported battery level, hasn’t been fixed yet. Apple knows about thus issue, but hasn’t done anything to fix it, but at least the company has discovered the source of the problem: time zones. The batter percentage doesn’t update on iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus devices when the users manually change the time or time zones. However, some users said that this problem appears out of the blue, without changing the time zone on their devices. A forum user called Naegi1995 said that he had problems with his iPhone 6S right from the start and when he charges his phone, the battery gets stuck to the same percentage for hours, and if he reboots the device, it shows 100 percent.

Apple advises the users to temporarily fix this bug by restarting their iPhones and heading to Settings > General > Date & Time, where they will make sure to turn on the “Set Automatically” option.