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Android devices have many features and come with pre-loaded applications, but the users can download other applications from the Google Play store and add shortcuts to the home screen. But in this article we’ll talk also about other kinds of shortcuts, those that perform some functions within an application, so the user no longer needs to open the application and go to its menu, in order to trigger a specific action, such as taking a picture or silencing alerts. And while some shortcuts are available for older Android versions, others have been introduced in Marshmallow. Here are a few examples:

Launch The Camera App By Double-clicking The Power Button (Marshmallow)

If your smartphone has been upgraded to Marshmallow, then you’re in luck. Instead of manually opening the camera app, use the shortcut from the lock screen on your Android device, which will sit in the bottom-right corner. By tapping, holding and swiping the shortcut, you will be able to take photos from your locked Android device.

Turn On “Do Not Disturb mode” By Pressing And Holding The Volume Down Button (Marsmallow)

This mode will silence notifications, incoming calls, chats and alerts, so you’ll no longer be bothered for a few hours. You have also the option to set the time interval when you don’t want to hear your phone calling or the notification sounds. So, in order to activate the Do Not Disturb mode, just press and hold the Volume Down button, while to deactivate it, press and hold the Volume Up button.

Refresh A Page In Chrome By Pulling Down

If you’re using the Chrome browser to visit websites, there’s a trick you can use to reload the current page, and to do that, instead of tapping the refresh button from the left side of the address bar, or tapping the three-dot menu button, then the refresh icon from the top corner, there’s an easier way: tug down on the page using your thumb. The page will load within a few seconds.

Get Now on Tap Suggestions By Pressing And Holding The Home Key (Marshmallow)

When you’re talking to a broker about a new apartment, but you’re unfamiliar with its location, Google Now On Tap will provide you many details that will make the screen cluttered and you won’t know where to look first. You can avoid this by pressing and holding the home key in order to open a new Now on Tap display where you’ll see “cards” with suggestions, shortcuts and any information that seems relevant.