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Since its inception in Europe in the year 2003, Skype has turned out to bea popularand global communication tool of connection amongst friends, family, and even colleagues.

Recent data haslinked Skype to the reduction of the number of international voice calls portraying the app as a game changer. Skype offers a platform where people can connect to the internet via video calling, voice calling, messaging and share multimedia files such as images, videos, and audio files. As of August 2015, the app was estimated to have more than 300 million monthly active users drawn from all over the world.

Accessible from both the mobile devices and PCs, Skype is centered on a freemium model. As such, services offered on this internet-based platform are ideally free but calls made to landline and other mobile phone numbers are charged. The users will have to acquire what is referred to as Skype Credit or rather a subscription.

Using Skype does not require much skill as such, but a few tips would help you boost your experience on the Microsoft-owned application. Just in case, you were not aware, yes, the application is owned by the tech giant Microsoft Corporation.

Caller ID settings for another number

The caller ID doesn’t show much when a Skype call is made to a regular phone number. This can be altered to display some info by going to Skype menu and select “Account”. Under this option, locate the Caller ID settings and insert either your phone number or even the landline number you are using. If you have a Skype number, just key it in. Any will do.

Most of the times the caller ID does not show on the other side of a call, but if it does, the number selected as explained above will display. Your name will display at the other end if that person saves this number to his or her contact list.

Customizing Skype keys

In Skype, you can opt to customize certain keys to make your experience on the app interesting and for easier and quick accessibility. Go to Tools > Options > Advanced where you will be able to set up the keys of your choice. Some are however default, such as keys for declining calls, answering calls, answering with video and hanging up.

Starring Favorites

Just as in the case of themobile phonebook, your Skype contacts list might grow huge. There is some contacts on your list that you frequently get in touch with. You can choose to identify or rather star these numbers. Click the star next to the contact name at the top or sim0ply drag the contact from “All” to “Favorites” in the desktop app’s contact list.

Use of various Skype accounts in Windows

You can have multiple accounts for Skype under your name though you cannot access them simultaneously. In Windows, however, this is possible by simply running Skype in two instances. Once you have launched one Skype account, press Windows key + R and type C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe/secondary. For 64-bit Windows versions, include (x86) just after “Program Files” in the domain above. Go back and another Skype will launch.

Sending “video voicemail.”

When a voice call is not going through, you will be given the option of leaving a video message. Alternatively, you can prompt the process by right clicking on the contact and choosing “Leave Video Message”. A recorder window pops up to allow a 3-minute video after which you must ensure to send it after recording.

For mobile devices, open the chat with the contact and tap on the paper clip icon to the left of the screen where you can either send a video or a photo. In Android v4.9, tap on the ‘+’ button to send themultimedia file.

Contacts backup

Backing up of contacts is of theessence. In case you install another version of Skype, you can easily get them just on your same account. Go to Contacts > Advanced > Backup Contacts to File.This saves contacts to a VCF file upon which they can be restored right from the same menu.

These tips are just to guide you to have easy and wonderful experience on Skype. They are not basics but just hints.