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One thing that collaboration software Slack has been lacking on its communication platform is the ability to make voice and video calls.

However, this is finally dealt with now that Microsoft has announced a partnership deal that will see Skype integrated into the platform.

This revelation was made on Thursday and with it, the Slack team will now be able to initiate voice and video calls right from within the Slack threads. This is an amazing way for Microsoft to bring its communications app to the workplace area.

Skype-Slack integration still in preview

As mentioned above, the integration of Skype into Slack was announced this week and as such, it is still available as a preview. Users of Slack can setup the feature by simply enabling the “Add to Slack” option via the official Skype website, then go on, and sign in using their Slack credentials.

Once this is complete, it takes similar commands as to those on Slack to initiate a Skype voice or video call. Just type “/Skype” when you want to setup a call that other participants can join in using a link right from within Slack’s desktop and mobile apps.

This is a good move for Skype especially considering that it has been lagging behind other apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp when it comes to communications. With integration into Slack, it is a way of adding more engagement to its belt. For Slack, it changes everything as far as communication is concerned thanks to the fact that it adds to the messaging services the platform already offers.

Slack is currently valued at $1 billion and apparently, it is one of the closely watched Silicon Valley startups. With Microsoft’s recent focus on productivity, it is no doubt that it has taken this direction with Skype’s integration into Slack. This update follows some other recent additions that the Windows OS maker has been adding to this voice and video calling app, among them ability to make group calls on the mobile apps as well as introduced a Skype Translator for all users of Windows OS.

Slack, on the other hand, recently unveiled an App Directory that makes it easier for users to discover the apps that are supported on the platform.