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In 2015, Samsung has released its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets. Both devices feature the same screen size, while the Edge version has a curved edge on both sides. However, in 2016 this will change, as according to some rumors, the Edge version of the upcoming Galaxy S7 device will have a bigger display size.

Those rumors might be true, as a report from Zauba has “confirmed” the screen sizes of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. We remind you that Zauba is an Indian website that tracks devices which are imported and exported by this country. We remind you that in the past, this website has listed a few phones that where sent to India for testing.

Well, according to the listing, it’s almost confirmed that, this year, the Galaxy S7 Edge device will feature a bigger display size of 5.5-inch, while the Galaxy S7 will feature a smaller one of only 5.1-inch. With other words, the Galaxy S7 will keep the same screen size as last year’s model, while the Galaxy S7 Edge device will sport a larger one.

We’re not sure why Samsung has decided to change the screen size of the dual-edge S7 device, but we’re pretty sure that the manufacturer has something in mind. Unfortunately, this was not confirmed by Samsung and it will most likely not be until sometime in March 2016.

However, we should take this new with a grain of salt, since there are very high chances that these devices are just prototypes and Samsung might change its mind and bring the Galaxy S7 Edge device with the same screen size as the Galaxy S7.

Do you think that the Galaxy S7 Edge will come with a bigger screen size than the one found on the Galaxy S7?