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Skype has built Skype Translator, real-time voice and text translation technology, in Windows desktop app.

The instant messaging and video calling platform made it public that it has integrated the tool in Windows desktop app for all users and has completed full rollout, a process started back in October last year. This means Windows Skype users will no longer need to download a separate app for translation in the seven languages the tool already supports.

A year ago, Microsoft announced the introduction of Skype Translator Preview on mobile. The feature was then rolled out to the public six months ago. Skype Translator Preview was pushed toWindows last month; December 2015. The real-time translator offers avoice to voice translation in seven languages which include Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese Mandarin. It also translates text messages in 50 languages Hindi and Urdu inclusive.

The first beta version of Skype Translatorwas launched in 2014. After that, Microsoft has been testing the feature internally before announcing last year in June that it would introduce the real-time translation technology to Windows.

The logic behind this idea was to eliminate language barrier, Microsoft wanted to create a platform where people speaking different languages couldconverse. The technology uses machine learning hence gets better the more it is used. Microsoft notes, the technology got better over the testing period, and even more, improvements are expected with thefull rollout.

Facts about the Translator

Of all the language pair translation enabled, French to English is the most popular. Microsoft also reported a 400 percent increase in the number of call per day since the feature was launched. Furthermore, Germany to Ghana route registers the most international Skype Translator calling.

The app supports latest Windowsversions;Windows 7, Windows 8,Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For a hassle-free experience with the feature, update your WindowsSkype version from You will then see a globe button in the right-hand corner of the app’s opened screen. You are now ready to start a conversation with anybody speaking a language you are not familiar with provided the language is among the seven supported.

The technology is available for Windows client for now; other platforms neither have a dedicated Skype Translator app nor a built-in Translator in the main Skype app. However, Microsoft is working hard to integrate more languages in the Translator and also reach users in other platforms.