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Virtual Reality is on the steady rise in revolutionizing the technology world.

VR, as it is widely known and referred to, offers amazing experience in computer games as well as other programs in the three-dimension convectional format.


Virtual Reality devices create sensory experiences that are displayed on a screen in 3D format. Several companies have come up with products that do offer the convectional 3D experience on your screen display. Oculus VR and HTC are among the companies that have designed and created the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets respectively. For the headsets to work with your PC, you need to check the compatibility.

There is an easy way to identify if your computer is ready for the virtual reality experience. Recently, Oculus VR availed a software tool that confirms Rift’s compatibility to your computer. Despite HTC not availing the requirements for its Vive headset, it’s assumed that they will probably be similar to the Oculus Rift’s.

Using the Oculus Rift compatibility tool

The compatibility tool for the Rift headset is available on Oculus’ official site – Hover through the order page and you will come across the link. Thankfully before you make your Oculus Rift order, this tool will check the requirements for you. Click on the “Download” button that is beside the phrase “Make sure your Windows PC is Rift ready!”

Once the EXE file is downloaded, click on it and on the window that displays next, click “Start”. If you want your system specifications not shared with Oculus, uncheck the box above the “Start” button. The downloaded program will go through your system and analyze the specs. This won’t take long and once completed, all the information regarding the requirements for Rift’s compatibility – Graphics, Processor, Memory, Operating System and USB connection – will be outlined.

You can use the tool before ordering the Rift

With crosses or ticks, you will be able to know the components that need to be upgraded on your PC for Oculus Rift’s compatibility. Generally the required specifications for Windows include: a NVIDIA GTX 970/AMD R9 290 video card equivalent or higher; Intel core i5-4590 or greater processing unit; RAM of 8GB or higher; HDMI 1.3 video output; three USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port and also a 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 or newer operating system. Note that you can use this tool without having to preorder the handset.

The utility will give you the exact specifics in relation to the compatibility requirements that will make you either order the Rift right away or upgrade your system to bring the virtual reality experience to your ecosystem.

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