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Apple didn’t wait until June, when the WWDC 2016 event will take place, and has released an application called Music Memos, for iPhones and iPads, which will be used by musicians and songwriters to put their ideas into practice. In parallel, the iOS 9.3 is in public beta and the testers are enjoying the upcoming features, such as Night Shift.

Let’s start by telling you more about Music Memo, an application for iOS, which comes to musician’s aid, as they no longer need to use Voice Memos to record their ideas. Now, they can record even instruments in high quality, especially acoustic guitars and pianos, and in uncompressed format. In addition, the application is able to analyze the rhythm and it adds virtual drums, a bassline and it transforms the recording into a possible song. Moreover, Apple has updated the GarageBand app and version 2.1 brings Live Loops, which have been inspired by DJ hardware controllers and drum machines, plus it has a new Drummer feature, and it’s compatible with the iPad Pro. The iPhone 6S users can take advantage of the 3D Touch technology to work with this application better. The users can also store their ideas to iCloud and open them with GarageBand or Logic Pro X.

Upcoming features in iOS 9.3

The public beta testers which have installed iOS 9.3 on their devices love the Night Shift mode, which adjusts the colors of the screen depending on the time of day and at night, it produces warmer colors, by lowering the amount of blue light. This way, the users can browse the internet, read tests, look at videos etc. without tiring their eyes and when they’ll put their head on the pillow, it will be easier to fall asleep. This feature can be toggled on/off by going to the Control Centre.

Another change in iOS 9.3 is the option to add passwords to the Notes app, or open it using the fingerprint, as the application has Touch ID support. The users will no longer worry that their personal information will be in danger, in case their iPhone, iPad or Mac gets stolen.

The third important change is the possibility to add 3D-touch enabled shortcuts for stock iOS applications such as Settings or Weather. So, when the users will press the Settings icon, they will get a list of shortcuts for WiFi, Bluetooth, Wallpaper and Battery.

Other improvements that will be notices in iOS 9.3 include: iOS Education upgrades; enhanced Apple Music support in CarPlay; a new option in Photos app called Duplicate; Activity app data will be displayed in the Health application; the Activity app has a new Workout data section; a Live Photo can be duplicated as a standard photo, when exporting images from the Photos application; landscape support for more iPhones etc.

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