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Maps is a useful application for those who travel a lot and need directions to find locations in foreign places. Let’s say that you’re going on vacation to a country you’ve never visited and don’t want to get lost. It’s better to install a mapping application on your smartphone and consult it on your way to your destination. But if you’re driving your car and you’ve ran out of your monthly data, the only way to view maps is to do it in offline mode, after you’ve previously downloaded them to your smartphone. And in this article we’ll teach you how to download a map and use it in offline mode.

In order to save a map, open the application while online, search for the location that interests you and tap the three lines icon looking like a hamburger to access the Options menu. Now, you’ll be able to download the area by tapping the plus or add symbol from the bottom right side of the screen. When you’ll see the message asking you “download this area?”, you will drag the map inside that square box and you’ll save the exact area that you want to have a map of.

In order to zoom in on the new map, you’ll put two fingers on the screen and bring them together. Zooming out on the map can be done by moving the two fingers in the opposite way. So, now that you’ve decided what portion of the map should be downloaded, tap on the Download button and you’ll be required to name that area. Congrats, the map has been successfully downloaded to your smartphone. Now, in order to access the map, tap the menu icon from the top left side of Maps’ main page and in the Offline areas you’ll find your downloaded map.

The problem with Maps is its limited functionality, as it allows you to download maps that don’t exceed 1.5GB, so if you want to download the map of a country, you’ll need to save only portions of it. Make sure that you have enough internal storage and be connected to a wireless network when downloading maps, because they’re very big in size. And if you forget to delete these downloaded maps, after 30 days, the application will automatically delete them.