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According to Wikipedia, Tizen OS is an operating system based on the Linux Kernel and the GNU C Library implementing the Linux API. This operating system is already running on a wide range of devices which includes: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, wearable computing and more.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging applications out there, and today we’re going to talk about the WhatsApp version for Tizen. It seems that from now on, the owners of the Samsung Z1 will be able to use the Voice Calling feature that is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone for quite a while.

If you own a Samsung Z1 device, you will have to launch the WhatsApp application and you will see the new feature available for you to use. Currently, the Samsung Z1 owners will be able to use the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature only with the Android owners that have the latest WhatsApp version installed.

We’re not sure when the WhatsApp version for Tizen will allow the users to make voice calls to other WhatsApp users that have a mobile device running on iOS, BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone, but this will most likely happen sometime in the coming weeks.

According to SamMobile, the reason why the Tizen OS version of WhatsApp has managed to get this feature is because the application is actually an emulated version of WhatsApp application found on the Android OS version. With other words, the WhatsApp version for Tizen OS will most likely receive the same update and features as the WhatsApp version for Android OS without much hassle. Hopefully, we will see more features being added to the WhatsApp version for Tizen OS in the near future.

Do you own a Samsung Z1 device? Have you tested the new version of WhatsApp for your mobile device? Is the Voice Calling feature working without any issues?