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This year, HTC may be behind the creation of two Nexus gizmos, there has been a lot of back-fence talk regarding the fact that LG, Motorola or HTC may be part of Google’s plans regarding the Nexus line of devices.

Google has big plans for the 2016 Nexus line and it seems that has called in the HTC company to help with this project. According to Weibo, a 5-inch as well as a 5.5-inch smartphone created by HTC might become a reality, but we can’t help but feel puzzled as something feels strange.

To start with, HTC isn’t doing a great job with its own line of devices, but let’s not lie and accept the fact that such a project will definitely come to the company’s rescue. And of course, we cannot help but debate about the overall form of the upcoming devices, the 5-inch one and the 5.5-inch, nothing major to report here as the difference among these two is basically insignificant. So, what’s the point of making two almost identical smartphones?

Another strange thing is the fact that HTC will not only be in charge of one Nexus device, but two of them. In the past, each time a new device was launched by Google, different manufacturers have been selected do get the job done, why does it have to be different now?

We’re also wondering if these two Nexus devices will be the only ones in 2016 or will there be other variants from Huawei or LG? With so many rumors, we don’t know what to believe anymore. But one thing is for sure, we are not convinced that Google will confide in HTC to get the job done, this remains to be seen. What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you believe HTC will be in charge of the forthcoming Nexus devices?