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As the Apple Watch’s first anniversary approaches fast, rumors of a second generation Apple Watch 2 have started gaining shape.

Towards the end of last year, news surfaced claiming that Cupertino was working on a new Apple Watch 2 that is expected to be released somewhere in March. However, the latest reports are out to wash this speculation away.

According to 9 to5 Mac, the new Watch 2, which was thought to be coming with a FaceTime snapper, may not make it to March 2016 release date. It was earlier claimed that the second gen watch will also be released alongside the pint-sized iPhone 6C.

A few days ago, sources coming from China, which is one of the current hottest markets for Apple products, revealed that the Watch 2 was set for a later production towards the end of this month. As a result, there are experts who feel that it will not be possible to launch this device in March. According to them, the company might be ready with the design, accessories and such other things, but the wrist watch will not be ready by then.

The first generation Apple Watch came about in April 2015 and given that the company is planning to bring the new Watch with new features and hardware, it might take some time before it comes around. Furthermore, the company has not announced the sales figures of the current watch.

While some reports claim that the new Apple Watch will be available about seven months from here, a report coming from the DigiTimes pointed to Q2 2017 as the time for the release of the new Apple Watch 2. If this is true, it means that mass production of this wrist watch will begin in Q3 2016.