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The LG G3 continues to remain as one of the sought after devices in the market even though there is plenty of competition at the upper end of the segment.

The device has been around for quite a while, and it even was succeeded by the LG G4. However, price drops have made it an attractive proposition. What are the cool tips and tricks available to master the LG G3?

Navigation Buttons

The LG G3 is one of the few phones from popular manufacturers to provide the ability to change the home touch buttons. The standard Android user interface provides space only for three, but it can be customized on the LG G3 to add more functionalities.

Dual Window

This feature may have first came to prominence in Samsung phones, but the LG G3 is no stranger to it. The incredible performance provided by a powerful processor and 3 GB of RAM mean that the phone is capable of handling anything thrown at it. The LG G3 supports a range of applications that can be run in dual window mode.

Changing Icon Appearance

The 2K display on the LG G3 is put to its maximum effect through small touches like the app icons. The limited availability of ultrahigh definition content makes this aspect especially important. The phone, however, provides an option to change the icons should one get bored with the familiarity after a while.

Knock Gesture

Modern Android smartphones have started providing support to several gestures with one of the basic being the double tap to make a feature. The LG G3 tries to go one better by supporting a range of aspects including the ability to make the phone got to sleep. The double tap to wake up feature can also be transformed into a single tap to wake up.

Guest Mode

Confidential aspects in the phone need not be paid excessive attention when handing over the phone to others since the LG G3 supports a guest mode with restricted access. Some of the options that are available to the user include the ability to disable the app drawer or the notification bar. Such comprehensive features will prevent others from snooping into the device.

The LG G3 continues to remain as one of the popular smartphones even in 2016, and it is not surprising. The device ranks as one of the best launches from LG in recent years.