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Shortly after Apple has released the iOS 9 in October 2015, Pangu, the famous team of hackers, has released the jailbreak for it. The next two updates have been jailbroken, then the good news stopped. In iOS 9.1, Apple has patched two security flaws used by Pangu, then the hackers were no longer able to jailbreak any of the new versions. The users are advised to stick to iOS 9.0.2 and to not update their iPhones yet. Even so, there are many cool Cydia tweaks that are worth installing and in this article we’ll refer to those with features that can help the iPhones run better.


If you noticed that your iPhone is running slower, you can speed it up. Actually, you’ll increase only the speed of the animation that plays when opening an application, folder or app switcher. It’s annoying when these animations play so slow, but you can make the react faster using a tweak called SpeedIntensifier.


After a while, the performance of your iPhone really starts to be affected because it accumulates junk files which occupy space and case lags. CCleaner is an application for computers, but now there is a version for jailbroken iPhones and iCleaner will clean your device by deleting junk files. The tweak has a Pro version which offers extra features.


Another performance booster is Nitrous, which allows applications to access the Nitro Javascript engine. The JavaScript performance of applications such as Facebook, Chrome, Dolphin, Mercury etc. will be significantly improved, but you can also choose to boost the performance for all applications or only for specific. The tweak can be turned on/off using FlipSwitch switches or Activator actions.


When applications start to behave chaotically, the first thing you should do is to clear out caches, but this must be done manually and it’s exhausting. CacheCleaner will do that for you and in addition, it has the option to restore the applications to their original version. By clearing app cache, applications no longer consume a lot of RAM and the smartphone starts running normally again.


When accessing the spotlight search or the application switcher, an amount of blur will be added. This feature was introduced in iOS 9, but it’s not so appreciated because the animation is consuming resources and makes the iPhone run slower. Tatoon is a tweak that removes the blurs and it improves the device’s performance.