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Facebook is arguably the world’s largest social network with an estimated user base of over one and a half billion clients.

Having been launched in 2004, Facebook has become a household name with users drawn from all walks of life worldwide.

Facebook is accessible on various platforms and as such can be downloaded as an application. Facebook for Android app has recorded between 1 and 5 billion installs on the Google Play Store. Despite making frequent visits on the app, there are some features and services offered on Facebook that you may not have explored as an Android, device owner.

Discovery of nearby interesting places 

With Facebook for Android app, you can get to find interesting places near your locality easily– a feature that Facebook’s desktop site cannot offer. Select “Nearby Places” to get restaurants, shops, bars and other utility places that have Facebook Pages. This will help you discover and locate places when you are unfamiliar with your current locality.

Sharing of content from other apps on the device

Android devices have the capability to share content across the apps. With the Facebook app installed on your device, you can be able to share files from other apps such as the photo gallery or web browse to your Facebook account. Select the “Share” button while viewing a file that is on another app and tap on “Facebook” option to share the picture, video or the desired content on your account.

Saving links and videos

You can save links and videos without necessarily viewing them. Next to the news feed, post that has the desired content; there is a drop-down arrow thatupon tapping on it will save the video or link. The saved items will be found on the main Facebook menu under the Saved heading.

Concealing feeds from a friend

Without necessarily blocking or unfriending someone, you can opt to halt viewing his or her updates. Simply go to the person’s page, select “Following” and then tap on “Unfollow.” The person will not be aware of this action, but you will not come across his or her posts as well as posts the person is tagged in.

Select your favorite friends

You might have very many online friends such that you don’t get to interact more often with some of them. At the top-right corner of the app, tap on the portrait icon to display your friends’ list. Just select “Edit” and the most often contacts will display at the top of the list.

Handling the notifications

You can manage your notifications by either switching them on or off. By going to App Settings> Notification settings, you will able to activate or deactivate alerts for requests, tags, wall posts, messages, even invites, comments amongst other features.

Using the widget

The widget gives you a window that you can scroll through to tap through status updates in particular without other extra info in the app such as ads appearing. It assists you in getting basic information on Facebook right on the home screen of your device. You can also update your status from the widget without opening the full app.

These are just some of the useful tips that would enhance your experience on the Facebook for Android app.