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The Viber users in Africa and Middle East will be able to meet and have live discussions in Public Chats, as this feature has been added today, January 19. Now, celebrities, brands, organizations, all kinds of public figures, will reach more easily their local and regional audience.

According to Mark Hardy, CMO at Viber, “The Middle East and Africa are important markets for Viber, and we are pleased to welcome local influencers and brands to our Public Chats platform. We are sure they will enjoy chatting, commenting and debating live on this active social channel whilst sharing tips, news, and local content to our constantly connected mobile audience across the region.” Viber has many selected partners in Africa, in countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana, but Public Chats will be available later for more countries, were users will have local conversations on Viber.

In Senegal theer is a singer a composer called Youssou NDour, who is very excited about the addition of this feature. He said that “The Viber Public Chats channel will enable my fans to follow in real time my music and artistic activities; it will also represent an opportunity for me to engage in discussions designed to forge a peaceful and open world.” One of the most known activists is Cindy Pivacic, who thinks “Viber Public Chats represent an ideal platform for spreading messages and debating HIV issues.”

For the rest of the users living in other parts of the world, Viber is unchanged. Its latest version for Android is and according to the changelog, the application works now with Wink messages, it offers more detailed message info in group chats, the design is improved and more intuitive, Contacts Filter enables filtering Viber / All contacts and there is a new FAB for Contacts tab.