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Microsoft has unveiled a new Skype beta version for Windows users which brings in improvements to this voice and video calling service.

This news was revealed at the Recode Code Conference, stating that the Windows OS maker is working on moving its communications app to the next level. The company has been focusing its efforts on the enterprise world, trying to integrate the app in almost all of its services, be it consumer or business. Now that a translation feature has been added to the latest beta release, it shows how the company is focused on ensuring the app is available to the entire world without any issues of language barrier coming between its efforts of making Skype the ultimate communication app.

Skype Translator seems to be the final name

Having been previewed under the name Skype Translator, there is for sure no need for thinking that Microsoft will come up with another name for this tool.

Once it is available in the stable version of the app, users will be able to talk to each other using their language of choice, without worrying whether the other person on the other end speaks the same language. What this means is that you can now speak your native language while at the same time the recipient of your call speaks using their native language, but the both of you will get along without any issues of language barriers.

With this service, you will be free to use any supported language and the person on the other end will receive a translated message that s/he can easily understand in their preferred language.

During the demo, the Skype Translator feature was put into use by the VP of the company, Gurdeep Singh Pall, who placed a call to one of their employees while speaking English, while the recipient, Diana Heinrichs, replied in German. In the demo, it was discovered that the Translator will wait for one person to finish making their statement before it translates the same message into a language that the recipient is familiar with.

In this way, the participants will be able to hear each other first before a translation is made. What this means is that users can easily learn a foreign language through the Skype Translator feature just by listening to sounds and reading their translations.

Skype Translator is still incomplete

As usual with beta versions, the newly released Skype Translator still has some minor issues, although it is currently near perfect. More is expected when the stable version is released shortly.

Now, Microsoft says that this tool is only available on Skype for Windows. However, the company has promised to avail it on other platforms such as smartphones, tablets as well as the web. Furthermore, it only supports a limited number of languages, but more languages are expected in future releases of the feature.