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Microsoft has been making its intentions of taking over the communications at your workplace clear by rolling out improved aspects and features of its enterprise version of Skype, known as Skype for Business.

In addition to these much needed improvements, the voice and video calling application will also be receiving new technology from a small Australian company known as Event Zero. This company is known for its software that aids IT professionals easily manage the enterprise Skype for Business.

According to the Redmond-based company, the goal of this deal is to make the management tools of enterprise version of Skype a lot more powerful and easier for IT guys to handle things since this app is basically an meant for end users.

This move only adds to the fact that Microsoft sees Skype for Business as a major area of investment thanks to the fact that business entities must pay to have and use it. In fact, this application is part and parcel of the business-focused Microsoft Office 365 cloud suite. Microsoft hopes that with this update, business organizations will be attracted to subscribing to the platform and in so doing generate some reasonable income for the Windows OS maker.

Now that Event Zero’s technology is in Microsoft’s hands, it will be a lot easier for the IT guys to keep tabs on how, when and how often hiccups or even errors occur, when using Skype for Business to make calls and send messages to clients. In so doing, it will be a lot easier to troubleshoot any kind of problem immediately they show up.

No word on terms of the deal yet

In addition to easing the woes of troubleshooting Skype for Business for IT departments, Microsoft has promised to open up Event Zero’s technology such that the customers can also plug in their software applications, not excluding the ones they use for managing their traditional telephone lines.

At the moment, there is no word on what terms were agreed during the striking of this deal. However, what is known, through Microsoft’s spokesperson, is that the company has offered to employ a small number of Event Zero employees, among them CEO Dave Tucker. The Australian-based company, which currently plays home to over 51 employees, will still be in business, proving Skype for Business users with the needed support services.