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An upcoming iPhone handset is said to land in Spring. But before you get overexcited know that it’s not the iPhone 7. The forthcoming Apple device is the iPhone 6c. Given the fact that the previous iPhone 5c was a walking disaster, users are a bit skeptic regarding another ”c” iPhone launch. But, let’s trust Apple’s plans and hope this time, it will be better. With that being said, let’s see a few features that will make the iPhone 6c a praiseworthy Apple device.

  • A must-have 32GB base model

The 16 GB version of all upcoming iPhone devices needs to be gone. The perfect version would be a 32 GB base model for the iPhone 6c.

  • Aluminum body

If Apple plans to make the iPhone 6c a top player, it definitely needs to consider the aluminum body. This will give it a lavish look and feel, guaranteed.

  • Touch ID

The Touch ID element is indispensable because it makes things so much easier. Goodbye password or any other safety figures and codes. The former iPhone 5c lacked this element, but we can only hope that Apple will not make the same mistake with the iPhone 6c.

  • Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a big thing nowadays and if you used before, you know what I’m talking about. A fun and easy way to buy what your heart desires, without having to worry about pin codes. If the iPhone 6c will come out with the Apple Pay, let’s just say: Awesome.

  • An alluring color selection

Apple did one good thing with the iPhone 5c and that was the varied colors for the device. If it sticks to the same idea regarding the iPhone 6c, it will definitely impress its buyers. Given the fact that Apple did a great job with the aluminum iPods, we don’t see why the company wouldn’t pull off the color aluminum options with the iPhone 6c.