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Facebook Messenger is on the rise of setting standards as it currently boasts of having a clientele base of about 800 million monthly active users.

Messenger, as it is commonly referred to, is a standalone app that was previously integrated into Facebook.

About a year ago, the app was reported to have about 600 million users, but the remarkable increase of about two million users in a relatively short span might be attributed to something or rather some secrets embedded within the app. There are some messaging apps in the social networking arena that do offer similar services to Messenger. These rivals that include Viber and Snapchat still don’t have as many active users as registered in Facebook Messenger.

Success attributes of Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is the currently the kingpin of IMs with a mid-2015 record client base of over 900 million monthly active users. Generally, as of now, it can be said that Facebook Messenger follows WhatsApp in the popularity hierarchy. Interestingly, these two apps are owned by Facebook Inc. To be downloaded over a billion times on Android and to be the second most popular app on iOS, Facebook Messenger must be having something peculiar.

There are recent tweaks and developments that havebeen undertaken on the app that make it feature among the top charts. The introduction of video calling in the app last year is one of the factors considered in boosting Messenger’s popularity. The customization of chats in the app with emojis, nicknames and colors as well as the introduction of Businesses on Messenger on the Appare also attributed to this success. Users can transfer money on the app right from conversations. Photo Magic feature that makes photo sharing easy and Message Requests among many other features can be outlined as factors that have propelled Messenger’s popularity.

Helpful tips for using Messenger

With the rated success, there are some useful tips that you might need to know to enhance your experience on the application.

Sending GIFs using third party apps

GIFs are increasingly becoming popular in expressing emotions and gestures. Other than Facebook Messenger’s library of GIFs, you can get and use GIFs from other apps such as Giphy (integrated into Messenger directly) by simply tapping the three-dot layer menu on the bottom right corner in a given chat thread.

Messenger from your PC

Just in case, you did not know, Messenger can be accessed right from your desktop or laptop. To enjoy the app’s services from the web,simply log on to from your PC browser.

Muting chat conversations

There are times when chat notifications become a nuisance especially when you are preoccupied with other stuff. You can mute the notifications by long pressing on the chat and tap on “Mute notifications”.

Making calls on Messenger

Both video and voice calls are supported on Messenger. Remember that calls on this platform use theinternet connection and not carrier charges. As such, you should have reliable 3G or 4G internet connection preferably Wi-Fi since you might incur higher charges when on data plans. Launch the app and at the bottom of the, there is a call button with the small initials “HD”. Tap on it and you will get the list of people you wish to call with two button options besides the names – Video and Voice call.

Big thumbs up

To include a big “thumbs up” sign in your text, press the “Like” button. The longer you press it, the more it increases in size.

Confirm that your message has been read

In Messenger, you can tell if someone has received and read the message you have sent. On the right of your display, a small image in circle icon of the recipient will appear if the message is read.

Conceal your location

People can learn about your current physical location from a message sent from your Messenger account. You can disable this setting to hide your location data by going to the device’s Menu > Settings > Location Services. Select Facebook Messenger and switch it off. From here, you will be able to switch this functionality at your will from within the app.

No need for a Facebook account

Here comes the good part. You don’t have to be on Facebook to use Facebook Messenger. You simply need to download the app and tap on “Not on Facebook?” then proceed with the signing up process to part of the over 800 million-user community.