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The phone that is still being used by people across the globe is certainly one of the finest pieces that LG has offered in a long time, powered by Android v4.2.2 Jellybean as it’s shipped, LG has offered quite a few updates and addons to its users.

Updates for the LG G2

Most updates are available directly through the providers from which you obtained the phone, which are responsible for not only releasing the update but also its deployment to users across the world. LG has made sure to keep up with the various security updates as well, which is the reason that users have stuck with the phone for so long.

The KitKat

The update to Android v4.4.2 was released in November 2013 in South Korea and rolled out to international users by March 2014, KitKat brought with itself the new designs and speed boosts as well as the ever-loved feature of “knock-code”, allowing users to unlock their devices by tapping on the screen, even when it’s off, in a sequenced pattern which they saved beforehand.

The Lollipop

The G2 was updated to Android v5.0.1, Lollipop in January 2015 which brought more security changes as well as the newest Android experience to users, this update was also rolled out to international users as well as US carriers.

The future & Marshmallow

There isn’t much news about the LG G2 as of now but LG has stated that they wish to be the first ones to roll out new versions of the OS to their users, we can pretty much confirm that LG G3 and LG G4 will be receiving the Android v6.0 or, Android M as it’s being called but no dates have been announced yet.

As far as the G2 is concerned however, it’s going to be a long while until LG officially releases any update, their support has confirmed that they’re working on an update for the G series, including the G2 but if you’re not interested in waiting then perhaps you should take a look at custom ROMs.

ROMs such as the CyanogenMod have brought the Marshmallow experience in all of its glory to the LG G2 but at the cost of losing some of your beloved features that are brought by LG along with the loss of apps such as QuickMemo and the G2’s universal remote. It should be noted that flashing (installing) a custom ROM on your device is highly risky and it also voids your device’s warranty so LG won’t be responsible for providing you with any updates to fix your issues in the near future nor will they be able to help you should you damage your phone in the process of flashing the ROM.

For now however, all we can do is wait until the update is fully announced and officially confirmed by LG, they’ve been good to their customers in the past and we can surely hope they live up to their promise of bringing Android M to their devices before any other major competitors do so.